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The following pictures are of injuries that could have been avoided after a jetter comes back out of a drain.

Please ensure you use a non-return device to stop the nozzle coming back and wear appropriate PPE.




Jetter Injury to Face 


Jetter Injury to Ear 


Facial Injury Jetter 


Hand Injury 1


Finger Injury


Arm Injury 


Leg & Foot Injury       



Safety Images

Due to the increased rate of jetter injuries, we are educating all jetter operators through this page.


Please also ensure you are wearing Personal Protective Clothing when using your water jetter.

Q. What is a Class B Water Jetter? A. Any machine over 5600 'bar litres'

Q. Is my Jetter Class B? A. Complete this simple calculation:

5000psi Jetter at 22lpm. Convert to bar pressure first.
5000psi divided by 14.5 = 345 bar.
345 bar x 22lpm = 7,950 bar.
This is above 5600 bar litres making it a Class B machine.
Any pump under 5,600 bar litres is considered Class A. 

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Jetter Training

The Australian Standards for High Pressure Water Jetting (AS/NZS 4233.1:2013 7.3.3) states that "All operators shall be appropriately trained and assessed as competent/capable. Training shall be delivered through an RTO and be in accordance with the high pressure water jetting Units of Competency. Trainers shall be accredited by an RTO and shall have relevant water jetting experience."

There is an RTO accredited training centre at IPCS 5 Bearing Road, Seven Hills. The training course runs for 2 days and is held every month. Contact Georgina for further information - Ph 02 9674 9088 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go to https://www.assassinjetters.com.au/training-courses

(This page will be updated on a regular basis with the latest safety information.) 

Hose Restraints  

The Australian Standards for High Pressure Water Jetting (AS/NZS 4233.1:2013) states that "all hoses shall be restrained" to prevent injury if they fail.

Hose Restraint.jpg

AS/NZS 4233.1:2013 - 
1.6.17 Hose restraint
 "A device that is attached to the hose and is able to restrain, withstand and contain the energy created at the time of a hose or hose coupling failure".

This is a picture of a wire braided hose restraint and carabiner that now come with all our jetters.
If you want your jetter to comply, they can be purchased for just $95+gst. 

Buy a 1/4" Hose Restraint here 

Buy a 3/8" Hose Restraint here 

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