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First and foremost if the budget permits I would suggest buying a new Water Jetter rather than trying to patch up someone else’s. If the second hand machine you may be considering has been neglected or not serviced at regular intervals then the bills can add up quickly; Service, repairs, new hose and labour can quickly add up to over half the price of a new unit therefore buying a new water jetter is a better decision.

what jetter1Speaking of budget, I find it’s really good to have a realistic number of what you think you can afford, with that in mind, these days a Plumber can’t afford NOT to have a Drain Cleaning Jetter, so I guess it comes down to what you feel comfortable spending after you hear about all the Jetter benefits.
So what Jetter should I buy? Jetting these days is so much easier, quicker and cleaner than using an electric eel. They are compact, dual purpose and when paired with the right nozzle tips, their level of removing roots from drains far outweighs the old Eel.
In this day and age where the customer and client are busy people themselves, they want quick and effective repairs, on the spot – they don’t want to wait, just get it done and over with – they have other problems to deal with…. A smart plumber will come along and let Mrs Jones know where the blockage is likely to be (if he is really smart he will have a drain camera….. let’s talk about that in the next blog)….. and assure her that within the hour he can safely, cleanly and effectively remove the blockage be all tidied up and gone…. Mrs Jones can’t help but say yes and hand over her money. As I said a plumber cannot afford NOT to have a Jetter, its just good business.

what jetter2

When deciding what jetter should I buy, the way the machine is built or installed and then tested is more important than it being a Honda or Vanguard. Ease of use, start up procedure, ability to access serviceable areas, machine controls in same area, ease of comfortably winding up hoses with straight back, fuel tank location, exhaust routing and machine airflow are all very important factors that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Honda’s generally will give you a flow of around 20 to 21Lpm and pressures between 4300-5000psi

Vanguard’s generally will give you a flow of 24 to 31lpm and pressures between 4300-5000psi

What Jetter should I buy will be determined most by the available space you have and how you want it configured. Starting with the Jetter first makes installation easier and allows a broader range of machines to choose from.

what jetter3Using a cradle is always a good idea. It spreads the load and allows for easier Jetter removal for servicing or getting access to unloader valve, safety valve, pump head or Battery. The way some machines are built don’t require cradles as they can be bolted through the frame onto the tray.

It’s the little things – like having somewhere to attach the main reel quick release which shoots water under the tray allows hands to be on the choke, throttle and key and not have to worry about main hose flying around on start up.

A quick tip: Ensure you are getting everything you need from the get go.
Make sure the new Water Jetter Package has a Stainless steel mini-reel and some good quality practical nozzles, whip hose and a wash down gun and lance, do you think you require a muffler bend and rain cap, did your machine come with a low pressure reel with garden feed hose or do you still require that, does it come with your installation, these are all really important questions because you may choose one supplier who looks the cheapest and then adding all this on top blows your budget big time.

what jetter4

Using a supplier that engineers, builds and installs the Jetters means you have their knowledge at your fingertips, simple tips like installing the Jetter against headboard with hoses and controls heading out the passenger side is the most common installation with the best weight distribution

Hopefully this information will answer some questions you might have if you’re planning on buying a new Water Jetter and deciding what Jetter should I buy!

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