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Assassin Jetters – buying your first Water Jetter or Drain Camera? Here’s what you need to know. Ridgid CS10 Digital Recording Monitor

There are many great benefits to using High Pressure Water Jetters for clearing blocked drains. Water Jetters have been designed and made by plumbers, for plumbers; making them one of the most effective tools in the industry.

Compared to the old powered eel, water jetters:

  1. Clear pipes quickly and effectively – client gets a better, cleaner job in much less time.
  2. Enable increase in profits! More jobs completed in one day with single-person operation. Average choke can be cleared in half the time with a High Pressure Water Jetter.
  3. Unit stays on vehicle. No heavy lifting required.
  4. Need only a garden tap to run – no electricity required therefore no chance of electrocution!
  5. Require minimal cleaning – just wipe the hose when finished. No greasy cables!
  6. Make no mess when working in a home or office environment.
  7. Scrub the inside of pipes clean using water only. No damage to pipes!
  8. Cabling on the mini-reel is double the length of 2 eel cable carriers.
  9. Can be utilised for other work including gutter and driveway cleaning, venturi pumping etc.
  10. Use less water in testing drain after the job (averages 100L per job).

And what about a camera system? You need to be able to clearly see what you are dealing with! Make your job of diagnosing the drainage problems simple and fast with Ridgid camera gear. We use Ridgid camera gear for everyday household and small commercial drains up to 6”. The Ridgid range has proven over time to be the most robust. They are even tough enough to give to a first year apprentice and have it returned operating!

If you have further questions regarding High Pressure Water Jetters and Camera Systems come and chat to us here at Assassin Jetters.

Maintenance of your Water Jetter

Here at Assassin Jetters we will guide you through all the requirements for keeping  your water jetter in great working order. A regularly maintained machine will save you time and money in the long run.  Regular maintenance of your water jetter is required every 6-12 months depending on its use. We provide minor and major servicing.  

Look for a jetter, such as the Racejets, that have low water and low oil cut-out switches. This prevents damage to the engine and pump. A battery switch can extend the AGM battery life up to 3 years.  And if looked after, premium jet hoses will last many years on the mini-reel and on the main-feed reel.

Buyer Beware! Caution!

Not all jetters  and cameras are the same! There have been many jetter sales shops opening up all over Australia promising a better machine for less money. The old sayings “too good to be true”  and you “pay for what you get” sums it up. Do your research and ask the questions. Look for a high quality pump and engine. Ask for customer referrals. Pay a bit more now for a high quality jetter like the ‘Racejet’ brand and it will save you thousands down the track. Down time is expensive.  Pay the bit extra for high quality, hardened stainless steel nozzles – they will last for years.



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