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Using a Pressure Washer to Ready your Home for Winter - clearing out gutters, drains, and flat surface cleaning.

It is always a good idea to prepare your home for winter. Cleaning out gutters, removing built-up surface dirt and clearing drains with a pressure washer will all aid in ensuring you have a well maintained drainage system. And a well-maintained drainage system will help you to have a healthy home – both for the inhabitants, and for protecting your house from future damage. Our range of high pressure washers and attachments can help you with:

using pressure11. Cleaning your gutters

A blocked, leaking or overflowing gutter can lead to all sorts of problems such as a build-up of mildew, mould or bacteria and a leaking roof. Stagnating water can also attract undesirable pests and rodents. So to get those gutters flowing freely we, at Assassin Jetters, strongly suggest you use the Black Box Electric pressure washer or the Cougar MK III Petrol pressure washer with the gutter cleaner attachment to easily clean out and flush away leaf matter, debris and dirt build-up.
using pressure2

This simple regular maintenance can also save you many dollars in avoiding structural damage from water build-up.
using pressure3If your house is single-story then the large Gutter Cleaner attachment is perfect for you, and for a double-story house, we can still help you with our Telescopic Wand and Gutter Cleaner attachment.

Flushing out those gutters and downpipes with a pressure washer on a regular seasonal basis will ensure that you have peace of mind when the rains come. We carry everything to suit your pressure washing and cleaning needs.


2. Surface Cleaning

using pressure4Winter time may be cold and damp leading to outdoor paths, retaining walls and surfaces becoming slippery and covered in mildew, moss and mould. To make these surfaces clean and safe, use our flat surface Whirl Away cleaners with any of our pressure washers.
Take your time with your pressure washer as some materials can be delicate. But with our expert advice and range of nozzles you can safely clean just about every surface of your home.

using pressure5Work evenly with the high-pressure washer to clean away unsightly staining, dirt and slippery mildew. Most surface mould and mildew problems can be effectively cleared with the use of an appropriate high pressure washer without the use of harsh chemicals. However we also carry the Citrus 6000 ecofriendly concentrate cleaner to help remove unsightly stains and grime.

Contact us here at Assassin Jetters, 02 9674 9088, if you have any queries on which high Pressure washer and attachment to use for all your gutter, drain and surface cleaning needs.


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