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I love a bargain! I am a bargain shopper for sure. If there is a discount to be had - I’m having it. If there is a coupon to redeem – I’m doing it! I watch every penny of my hard-earned money to the point that my husband laughs at me when I grocery shop as I remember everything that is on special and every sale that goes through the checkout!!!!!!  

However, I have a question – ‘When is a bargain not a bargain?  When is that ‘so-called’ bargain a complete waste of money?’

Well, I have done plenty of thinking and research about it (as to be honest I thought maybe I had a bit of bargain addiction) and what it comes down to is this… a bargain, a discount, a sale is only good when its actual value for money and something that you need.

Now with Plumbers and Jetting, you always need nozzles right?  Your jetter can’t do the job that it’s supposed to do without a nozzle. It’s called having the right ‘tools of the trade’.

It is sometimes baffling when a plumber will go through the expense of setting up a ute or truck or trailer with a Jetter – a tool that makes your life easier, quicker and more profitable; then they market themselves to gain contracts and jobs to keep their businesses financially viable but will then try and scrimp on nozzles!

There are so many brands of nozzles out there and the choices are abundant. It is very tempting to buy the cheaper nozzle but when it comes down to it are these bargain nozzles really working for your business or are they hindering it? Are they making your business look credible? Think about it - when they block up or take 3 times as long to do the job that they are designed to do, they are no longer a bargain. When they come out of the drain after only a couple of uses and they are blocked and dropping your jetter performance, they are no longer a bargain. Now these ‘bargain’ nozzles are working against you, taking you longer on the job, and then taking away job efficiency when you have to go and replace them - spending more money and more valuable time. That just doesn’t make sense!

A bargain is only a bargain if it’s actual value for money!! Take this nozzle for instance.   

After only 10 uses our customer came into us quite disappointed with their bargain nozzles performance. Like all of us he wanted a bit of a bargain and purchased this nozzle from a competitor, I mean  their website looks great and the write up on the nozzle was fantastic. It rivalled Mustang Nozzles word for word….. but only 10 short uses? All of the cutting edges were blunt and the nozzle tip was so blocked up that it started causing issues with his jetter pressure…. this is not a bargain. 

Remember a bargain is only a bargain when it’s value for money.

A bargain is when Assassin Jetters have a special discount off Mustang Nozzles. A bargain is when you receive 10% off your quality Mustang Nozzle and it lasts you over 10 years and makes you thousands of dollars.

This Mustang Nozzle box was purchased pre-2007 and is over 12 years old. Some of these nozzles are original and still in use.  This is a quality bargain, they paid for themselves in the first 2 jets and have made this plumber profit ever since. 


Mustang Nozzles = job done right, first time, every time.

I am super proud to lead the Assassin Jetters team and I am even more proud of the quality products we have for our customers. Nothing makes me happier than a customer coming in and telling me stories about their Mustang Nozzles and how it made the job go easier and quicker, or how much they love Mustang Nozzles. Nozzles that are designed by Bill Miller, our director, a plumber and jetting expert himself. Nozzles made right here in Australia for us and for our customers.

I honestly believe that even at full price the Mustang Nozzles range are a bargain for any plumber, and of course even better when we do a discount day. So remember the next time you see a post or an ad for a Mustang Nozzles sale, grab that bargain…. You won’t be sorry!

About Mustang Nozzles:

Mustang Nozzles® is Australia’s best known and most innovative designer and manufacturer of high-pressure water jetting equipment. That’s all we do. We design, manufacture and distribute the widest variety of parts to suit most water jetting machines on the market today. We are so confident with the products we build we back them with a lifetime ‘manufacturing defects’ warranty.

What sets Mustang Nozzles apart from the rest? Because we are plumbers, we understand the things that frustrate plumbers. As a result, we develop unique, patented solutions to make your life easier and safer.

  • We focus on quality – we use a unique cast and drawn heat-treated hardened stainless steel to provide a lifetime of service. We are not interested in providing cheap copies that don’t pass our stringent safety tests and fail when you need them most.
  • • We reinvest profits into research and development and release new innovative products on a regular basis.
  • • We are environmentally conscious – our nozzles are water smart and use less water for the same cleaning result.
  • • We are solutions orientated – we solved one of the biggest problems for jetter operators by designing our unique “Silt Proof Quick Release coupling” that prevents a build-up of sand & silt behind the sheath that makes nozzles nearly impossible to remove when changing nozzles. We also designed the popular Remote Mini Reel so you can operate safely from the point of entry.
  • • We offer practical, accessible training - All products are supported by training from experienced operators either in-house or on site.
  • • We give back 10% of our profits to the community through charitable contributions.


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