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A Guide to Buying a Water Jetter and Drain Camera

ridgid cs10 monitor39 200x200

Not all Water Jetters and Drain Cameras are the same! Here are some helpful suggestions to guide you in what to look out for when purchasing your water jetter and camera package.
With all the water jetters and drain cleaning ‘specialists’ in the market these days it can be confusing. What information is right? Who do I buy from? Some companies offer big jetter machines for very little money whilst others seem like their prices are way out of the realm of being reasonable!
The old saying goes “you get what you pay for,” the big question is… “do you?”
Now you probably already know a couple of things about water jetting and using a drain camera. You know that:

- it is easier and faster to operate a water jetter than the old conventional eels
- with a water jetter you can jet and clear a drain as a one-man operation
- by using a drain camera your customer can clearly and visibly see the blockage for themselves. It is an accurate diagnosis that offers clear communication, certainty of job extent and builds trust with your customer.
- by owning a water jetter and camera your earning capacity can be doubled or tripled than without these items.

What you may not know is the importance of getting the right fit-for-purpose machine and camera for you, your business and your budget. Cam and Jet Package
If you plan on winning and completing huge civil projects then the normal 4300psi Sniper Water Jetter package isn’t the machine for you. And likewise, that if you plan on jetting household lines then a whopping 64 litre per minute double engine trailer is total overkill on your budget and not a good fit-for-purpose machine.

Sniper 5000

At Assassin Jetters we make sure your water jetter machine is the perfect fit for your jobs, your budget and your vehicle and that you have the best drain camera on board. 

At Assassin Jetters we always offer our customers priority driveway service. Priority driveway service means that your issues, questions and servicing are dealt with as soon as you drive-in. We understand that time is money and every second your jetter is off the road that is money down the drain… literally.

At Assassin Jetters we cover all sizes of water jetters; from junior jetters right through to the big custom-built, dual engine jetters and everything in-between. One of our most popular jetters is the Sniper 4300 and 5000. With amazing prices and custom installations, this is the current go-to package, and whether you choose to install or take the basic package, it comes with everything you need to load up, drive away and start jetting straight away.
The answer to the big question? Yes, you do indeed get what you pay for – your dollars at Assassin Jetters are well spent on excellent quality, amazing service and expert advice.

Call us today at Assassin Jetters for expert advice! 02 9674 9088


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