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Citro Jetter


Citro Jetter - Natural Citrus Degreaser
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Citro Jetter - Natural Citrus Degreaser

This natural citrus based degreaser is engineered for high pressure water jetters and cable drain cleaners. It emulsifies and dissolves fats, oils, greases, and most drain buiild-ups. Citro Jetter substantially reduces jetting and cable cleaning time while scouring and deodorizing drain systems.

Citro Jetter:

  • Reduces jetting/cable cleaning time
  • Lowers amp draw and increases H.P.
  • Leaves drain systems spotless
  • Leaves hoses and cables clean
  • Leaves drains smelling like oranges
  • Lubricates/Inhibits Rust

Citro Jetter Directions

PRE-TREAT DRAIN: Add 8 oz. (1 cup) directly to the drains(s) to be cleaned. Can be added to backed-up water, then clean drain.

FOR LARGE JETTERS: Add directly to water tank or feed through antifreeze system during temperatures above (+32°) or run separately through chemical feed tank. Does not work as an antifreeze.

HEAVY BUILDUP: Use 1/2 gallon to 150 gallons of feed water.
MEDIUM BUILDUP: Use 1/2 gallon to 300 gallons of feed water.
LIGHT BUILDUP: Use 1/2 gallon to 600 gallons of feed water

FOR MINI JETTERS: Add 8 oz. (1 cup) to drain before jetting. Can be injected directly into pump through chemical feed line. Feed directly out of container. Adjust dilution to create a light foam at nozzle.

CABLE DRAIN CLEANERS: Add 8 oz. (1 cup) to drain then cable.

STORAGE AND SHELF LIFE: 5 year shelf life. If product is exposed to extreme temperatures, shake thoroughly before use

Citro Jetter Safety Data Sheets



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