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Sniper 5000 Class A


Sniper 5000 High-Pressure Water Jetter - Class A
Sniper 5000 Class ASniper 5000 Class A
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The Sniper 5000 High-Pressure Water Jetter - 5000psi Class A

5000PSI @ 16 litres per minute


The Sniper 5000 Class A is an entry-level petrol jetter designed for plumbers starting out who may not have the budget for larger machines. We have designed these water jetters with the right nozzle to clear most drains as quickly as possible. FeatureThe price

Genuine Honda GX630 Electric Start Honda Engine
Italian made Bertolini Pump 4000psi 20lpm
High-Pressure Reel with 60 metres ¼” premium jetting hose
Galvanised frame with 10” pneumatic wheels
High-Pressure isolation valve
Lightweight yet tough

The Sniper 5000 can be used for all drains from 40mm up to 150mm and can easily be wheeled straight to the problem area without a remote mini reel. It will cut roots with a Root Ranger Nozzle and penetrate deep into root infested drains. It also doubles as an effective pressure cleaner boasting 5000psi. It comes with a water head tank in Stainless Steel.

Included Accessories:
7 Pc Mustang Nozzles Box, Mustang safety plate, Gun and Lance.


Sniper 5000 Class A
Sniper 4300

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