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Raptor 5000/25


Raptor 5000psi Water Jetter
With shipment Pickup for $ 0.00
Price Ex GST: $ 10990.00
The RAPTOR 5000 is a Galvanised version of the Racejet Boss. These units are slightly bigger than the Boss and tick every box for the plumber who wants more from his Jetter. It comes with a 5000psi pump and a big 24 lpm flow rate to clear the stubbornest of drain blockages with ease. It is a strong, compact, fully self-contained unit that can be left on its wheels or with wheels removed, the chassis can be mounted directly to the deck of your truck. The Raptor has the reels mounted on top of the jetter giving you more room on the floor of your truck, ute or van. There is an option to fit a higher flow 31 lpm pump with 31HP engine to clear drains up to 225mm for $10,890+gst
Genuine 3 Year Warranty on Vanguard engine, gearbox and pump
Built-in Galvanised 46L water tank with low water cut-out and a large plastic 20L jerry can for fuel
Tough Galvanised frame
Heavy Duty high and low pressure hose reels with extra hose capacity
Sealed AGM long life battery with isolator switch to prolong battery life
Premium quality thermoplastic jetting hose and Mustang fittings
Additional Recommended Extras not included with Raptor
60m Mustang Romote Mini Reel, 7pc Mustang Nozzle Box, 15m Whip Hose and SS Lance Gun $2,990+gst.
Available with higher flow 31 lpm if required
The Raptor measures H 1220mm x L 1200mm x H 560mm
Without wheels the height is 1150mm





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