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The 1/8" Jet Hose is used to access small tight drains and can be connected to your remote mini reel or your main hose reel.  The Armadillo Bluflex and Redflex brand has been there from the beginning offering strength, reliability and flexibility. Don't save money in the wrong areas, your equipment is your reputation!

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1/8'' Armadillo Platinum Whip Hose 15m

1/8 W 15m

1/8" Platinum Premium Jet Hose 15m

Price Ex GST: $ 375.00

1/8'' Armadillo Redflex 5000

RF 4-15M

NEW 1/8" Armadillo Redflex 5000 Jetting Hose

Price Ex GST: $ 324.00

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