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Click the nozzle size you are after below:

Enz Bent Roto Drill Nozzle

Enz Bent Roto-Drill

The ENZ Bent Rotodrill Nozzle 1/4"

Price Ex GST: $ 550.00

JetEx Turbo Nozzle Complete


JetEx Turbo Nozzle Complete

Price Ex GST: $ 295.00

JetEx Turbo Nozzle


JetEx Turbo Nozzle - Screw on

Price Ex GST: $ 268.00

JetEx Flexi Nozzle


JetEx Flexi Nozzle Complete with Flexible Hose Connection

Price Ex GST: $ 343.00

Blade Cutter Complete


The Blade Cutter adapts to Root Ranger

Price Ex GST: $ 175.00

Root Ranger Nozzle


Root Ranger Nozzle - Root cutting at its best!

Price Ex GST: $ 320.00

Root Ranger Nozzle Forward Firing


Root Ranger Nozzle with Front Penetrating Jet

Price Ex GST: $ 352.00

Root Ranger Double Barrel


Double Barrel Root Ranger Nozzle

Price Ex GST: $ 525.00

Root Ranger Double Ended


Double Ended Root Ranger - Great front penetration

Price Ex GST: $ 490.00

Flexi Nozzle Turbo Jet


Flexi Nozzle Turbo Jet

Price Ex GST: $ 248.00

Root Rat Spinning Nozzle 3/8"

Root Rat 3/8"

Root Rat Spinning Nozzle for Descaling Rusted Pipes

Price Ex GST: $ 1400.00

Root Rat 1/2" Nozzle


Root Rat Nozzle 1/2"

Price Ex GST: $ 1599.00

Root Ranger Large Replacement Turbine


Large Root Ranger Replacement Turbine

Price Ex GST: $ 249.00

Root Ranger Large


Large Root Ranger Nozzle

Price Ex GST: $ 495.00

Large Double Ended Root Ranger Nozzle


Large 1/2" Double Ended Root Ranger Nozzle

Price Ex GST: $ 690.00

Tribine Root Ranger Nozzle


Root Ranger Tribine Nozzle

Price Ex GST: $ 1440.00

Root Ranger Extender


Root Ranger Extender

Price Ex GST: $ 59.00

Won't Get Stuck Extender


Won't Get Stuck Extender

Price Ex GST: $ 44.00

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